TELUS Plans & Add-ons for Alberta

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Add a Premium Smartphone
Monthly Service Fee From $70.00
Airtime Included Unlimited local calling
+ $5 Unlimited nationwide calling
+ $20 Unlimited Canada-U.S. minutes
+ $25 Unlimited Canada-China minutes
Data Included Data is shared between all the devices on the plan.
Messaging Unlimited text, picture and video messaging
Features Included Call display, voicemail 25, call waiting, conference calling and family calling
Additional Data Usage Rate $10 for 100 MB
Connection Fee $35 per line
The TELUS Connection Fee can be reduced by $5 by enrolling in Pre-Authorized Payments.
Early Cancellation Fee Any device subsidy balance remaining on your account as well as any outstanding recurring charges or usage charges (credit balances under $5 will not be refunded). Other cancellation fees may apply.
Get 2 GB of bonus data when you add a line to your account. Limited time offer. In store only.