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Founded in 2002, Wireless Advisors is a Telus mobility leader that has been recognized in providing exceptional customer service to businesses, enterprises and consumers alike. Our commitment to excellence is showcased by awards we’ve received like the highest ‘Likelihood to Recommend’ since 2013 or statistical comparisons to our industry pears like the ‘lowest calls to Client Care’, showing our customers’ needs are being met by our team so well that fewer of them need to engage TELUS with challenges.

‘Highest Likelihood to Recommend’ is an award we’ve received each year since its inception coveted by networks and dealers. More of our clients would recommend us than any other Telus dealership in Alberta, the most demanding market in the country. Our dedication to remain knowledgeable, adapting to clients’ needs in our industry faster than our peers contributes to our growing reputation of being ‘Best in Class’.  With 20 + employees on staff ranging from young IT Minds with accreditation's and degrees from our great polytechnic schools to senior team members with as much as 30 years in the wireless industry, rounded off with support staff having decades of experience doing what they do so well for you, our loyal clients.

After earning these accolades in the Telus mobility realm, we broadened our service offerings to include Asset Management with Fleet Complete. GPS in-vehicle installations which allow for detailed monitoring and tracking of a business’s fleet team and provide ongoing support and statistics giving our clients a strong ROI on these solutions also. Our initial vision goes back to the owners start, selling just mobility with Cantel (now Rogers) back before the 86 Olympics were in Calgary, mere months after the first cell phone towers went live in Calgary. Within 18 months a move to AGT (now TELUS) because of a more robust product mix, beginning the product expansion we still embrace. Offering the highest levels of service at the lowest rates possible, with a tag line that says ‘Earning client loyalty on solution at a time”.  One of our key strengths is the standard we embrace, staffing all positions to service and support the products we sell, not outsourcing what we feel are key deliverables to our clients. Those full time team members’ qualifications span IT Services, Installation services (in Vehicles and in Building) repeaters, GPS and other electronic components.

Our vision is to continuously embrace leading edge products and services as they develop, ensuring we are bring these technology advancements into our clients businesses as soon as possible, usually ahead of their competitors. Long before mainstream adoption occurs, we've become the go to dealership helping our clients implement solutions that give them leading edge advantages over their competitors. Blending decades of experience with the young fresh minds of our youth on staff, ensures we will always be out in front helping our clients take advantage of technology. Let our nimble team help your organization build the technology roadmap you need to get or stay ahead of your competitors.  Our commitment is to use the products and services we support to generate more profits for our clients by identifying process evolution that will benefit your organization, no matter how large or small.

Now, with the market responding well to leading edge products link Business Connect from Ring Central to replace the ageing analogue phone systems with Cloud Based VoIP products. We are yet again demonstrate our adaptability to market and network demands and provide support and installation of Canada’s leading VoIP service: Telus Business Connect.  Leading western Canada selling the product and being the first dealership to develop and roll out implementation and White Glove support.

With a huge variety of Calgary Smart phones, tablets, iPhones and iPads and other services like Optik™ TV, Wireless Advisors is Calgary's number one choice for consumers and business alike.
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